Robin Hobb - The Farseer Trilogy

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Absolutely brilliant! I've only recently started reading her work, I'm on the the last book of her 'Farseer Trilogy'. I actually read the first book in this series quite a while ago but, as I didn't have the sequel at the time, put it aside and sort of forgot about it. But when I did get the second book, I dove back in and was instantly hooked.


Hobb has such a beautiful way of writing, just descriptive enough without being too flowery and wordy, and she really makes you care about her characters (or hate them, whichever is appropriate). The main character is so refreshingly NOT a 'Mary Sue', he has flaws and screws up and he makes you mad but you love him anyway. Hobb has so perfectly sculpted this world, given it a beautiful history...I just really love it.